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Conversation Between -justin- and Devlon

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  1. Justin, my name is Devlon, and I am new here. I can't find how to post a question on this site, so at random I just picked you to ask a question to. I have a Velodyne SPL1000R sub, 2 Lsi9's, and and Lsic. I am now looking to buy some rears to complete my 5.1 system. Room is somewhat of a consideration. This system will be used 85% for music. In your opinion, out of the Lsi series which speakers would you choose for the rears? Would the Lsi7's sound ok, or would I be better off with the Lsifx's that I could mount up on the wall and get completely out of the way. Again, I suspect the Lsi9's might sound the best, but are they really necessary for the rears? Mu living room is an "L" shape and so no matter what speakers I use, they will have to go left and right of my head. Any opinions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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