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Conversation Between -justin- and undermench

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  1. just joined and am very new to this. say a quest posed by viperz(polkateer) ask what is best placement for mgII L have a pair of manaplaner tymphi I D. purchased in 1974. They still work graet and are powered by audio resaerch preamp sp-7 and hevily modified dynaco 70 any my point is I have taken the three panel and put each one at 45 degree angle. then i place the speaker 18 inches from one wall and 18 inches from the back wall. since mag have always been a little weak in the bass this seems to get the best response.. just to bragg a little more my amps run kt-66 tubes for finals with the grids running hot with a set off cooling fans.. my turntable is a thorens td-125 with a very rare rabco sl8e straitline tracking tone arm an old sytem but is still considerd very esoteric thank for your time terry
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