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Conversation Between -justin- and LarryK

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  1. Justin,

    I thought I might write you with a question/guidance. I just joined on the 14th with a question that has been addressed before (I'm sure). I attached it to an old string thinking that was the proper way. Although with no responses I am wondering if most members just keep up on recent posts and don't review old one's, thus no replies?? Maybe it should have gone under 'new help'? I wanted to check with you before I just posted it again somewhere. Below is the message (under best amp for system):

    This will be my first post so please excuse if this ground has been covered before. Looking for processor & amp as well. LSi15's, LSic, LSi7's (thinking about adding LSif/x's for side). Now going to seperates from Denon 1705AVR that I think is underpowered. Opinions... Go for latest edition of some brand new equipment or used (or demo) of past generation without bells and whistles of McIntosh gear. Budget is 1-3k for each component. If new gear is the choice, what's the best match in that price range. I also don't especially go for big bang sounds and loud crashes, looking for good clean sound. Hope not to long-winded, thanks for your help. Looks like a great site.

    Your help is most welcomed. Thanks,
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