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Conversation Between jolax73 and kab

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  1. HYere is what Stu said:

    I would favor the Parasound based upon listening at shows in the past, albeit brief. As Scott points out, either is sufficient and more. I have always associated B&K with a more analytical rather than “tube-ish” sound despite the MosFET outputs of the B&K. Parasound do not use MosFETs. Funny that. I would have figured the opposite. I cannot rate their reliability because I do not have a good sense for either.

  2. Here is what Scott from engineering said:

    From: Orth, Scott
    Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 11:02 AM
    Subject: RE: Question from Forum member.

    Tough choice. Having not measured or listened to these myself, I can only give advice based on the documentation and specifications available on the internet.

    The B&K uses MOSFET power drivers. Parasound does not list theirs, so I will assume BJTs. Given that, the B&K will have the softer clipping characteristics of those output devices, which given our experience with the Conrad Johnson MOSFET amp, sounds good.

    The power specs and damping factors are not comparable as they are not rated equivalently. The B&K appears to have more power, while Parasound seems to have the edge in damping factor and slew rate.

    They both appear to be fine amplifiers and should play LSi speakers just fine.

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