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Conversation Between lessthanzero and BKSinAZ

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  1. Interesting thing happened today, I unplugged the Pioneer 23 and hooked up the Sony 360 and played part of a Blu ray, then reconnected the Pioneer 23 and all went very well.....?? I am wondering if unplugging the unit reset to factory specs and dumped the internal memory, anyway, it looked even better. I'm thinking that I must have screwed up some of the settings.....?? I am going to try a standard DVD tomorrow......I kinda like having two Blu rays hooked up......Going to order another 12 foot HDMI cable....
  2. Always good to have things in common. I am almost thinking that this may be either a "settings" issue, or an HDMI handshake issue. I did just replace the HDMI cable, which I got from Blue Jeans Cable, really like those guys, so I am not sure about HDMI issues. It just seems strange. I may hook up the Sony and see if I get the same problem, if so, it could be the receiver.....??? Anyway, let me know. I am almost sure that you will not replicate the problem. I do like the Pioneer Blu ray so much better than either the Sony or Panasonic, the color and spacial relevance is unbelievable. Good luck, got to go and watch the news..................Later
  3. Actually the "black" screen will show up at anytime during the DVD playback, but just once and only for a second or two. I am retired, but worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, then got promoted and transferred to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, I was a Human Resource Director.
    I agree with you regarding the 21THX, but once you have it, and like it, you always are looking for the next, best unit, almost addicting.....!! I love to watch movies, now that I am able. You sound like you are East of me toward Vail....??
  4. Wow, I would love to be able to afford the SC 35 with the ice amps and Air Studio stuff. I am really enjoying the THX processing and will only purchase receivers that have that certification. How do you like your 23fd Blu ray? That is the same as I have, also have a Sony and Panasonic Blu ray as well. I am somewhat familiar with PCM and the rest of the formats, but I learn more everyday with the receiver instruction manual permanently attached to my body. I also live in South East Tucson at the very end of Kolb Road. Do you play a lot of DVD and Blu ray on your Pioneer 23? I notice that I am getting about a two second black screen on just about every DVD I play, but the Blu ray is good.....?? I am playing around with changing the menu items to see if that helps, it really is not a big issue, I just would like to find out why...........
  5. Howdy BKS in sunny and warm Tucson for this time of Sept, I have become a rabid user of Pioneer after using Onkyo for many years. I currently have the VSX-21THX, which is connected to an Elite Pioneer Blu ray player (think it is the 23), and that is all connected to Polk's, the Monitor 60II's for fronts, a CS20 for a center and M10's for surrounds and a sub that I had when I was using a Polk HT system. Sounds good........Hey, what about you..??
  6. Hey, saw you on PolkAudio forums and noticed your in Tucson. Me to. I was curious what reciever you use?
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