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Conversation Between evolutionix and camtah

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  1. I will offer my fxi3 for sale at $175 u-pickup. Otherwise I will put them up on the Polk list and then e-bay. Let me know as I will give you first crack at them.


  2. I'm in the Chicago area. 60458. Lemme know! And merry christmas
  3. Oh and I could give you a check or cash whenever you would want it.
  4. Hey I JUST stumbled upon your post and noticed you put the fxi5's on ebay. Well Im lookin to get some speakers to match (or closely match) my old fxi3's. I was wondering if you would wanna cancel the ebay listing and i'ld pick em up from ya for 200... I'm in the area. If not, i'ld totally understand... just thought I'ld give it a try. Let me know.
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