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Conversation Between shinewald and packetjones

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  1. I am pretty sure it would sound ok. Most people recommend the A6 since it is a larger speaker and 50-70 of home theater goes through the center. I have the A4 due to size restrictions. The A6 is huge and i could not fit it in the cabinet i have. Overall i think the A4 would be fine. When you calibrate the system you may have to turn it up a little but thats cool.

    I know that i was looking at the A7's and the A5's. After asking around a lot i decided to go with the A5's. Here is a thread about my decision. Most people say either get the 5's or 9's. Not that many recommended the 7's. I am sure that they are great speakers, i have heard them once, but i went with the 5's my self.
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