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Conversation Between Agent and gp4jesus

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  1. Scott:

    Would like to send you the .pdf for the Audiocontrol Richterscale 3*. Don't know how. Click on the link below.
    * do not confuse the RS 2 or the original RS w/this model

    Remove the A7 LP filtering. Change the RS XO frequency to 120hz or so and you can tweek to your hearts content. I strongly recommend no boosting below 50hz because they're ported. Feel free to put out feelers for why.

    BTW I've had one of these for years - part of my solution for the issues of these otherwise great sounding speakers!

    stay tuned cheers tony
  2. Upgraded AR 12ga OFC over weekend; 100+ hours on them. Listened to same Donald Fagen/Steely Dan tracks when first I cranked them up about 5 weeks ago. Noticably softer w/reduced brightness at the same volume levels (loud!).

    Couldn't make time to do full mid/tweet bi-amp tonight. Did do the following:

    Playing Steely Dan track 4 times. (Kid Charlemenge)
    1. Right side, mid alone full range; left side as Polk built it w/pillow over the tweeter: little difference; right side fractionally softer

    2. right side-4 order active LP @ 2.2K; left-same. Big difference; way cleaner

    3. Right side @ 2.8K; left: as above. As clean, w/ more top end (of course)

    4. Right side @ 3.5K; left: as above. As clean, still more top (of course)

    Will try full blown bi-amp w/both channel to confirm above results.
    Otherwise my conclusion: Either upgrade caps or bi-amp the mid/tweeter.

    Posted @

    Stay tuned. Cheers tony
  3. scott

    goto these links/threads 4 some new info

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