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Conversation Between TNHNDYMAN and CadillacPat

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    I am writing because I ran into some threads you posted while looking for a solution to the problem with my TW3's. In the thread you mention going to pick up 3's for Scott in NC around 2/2012. On 1/17/12 I won a pair of TW3's on ebay, with the seller in Statesboro, NC. I paid for them and was going to pick them up when I got this message from the seller:
    Dear masseyfergusontractorguy,

    I am fully understand your frustration. Here is what happened. Right after the auction ended. Someone just email me right away about pick up his winning bid speakers(Which i founded out that it was the other bidder.) He told me that his friend is going to pick up the speaker on Thursday, and ask for the address. And his friend came, pay me and took the speakers away.
    Here he's information:

    I am so sorry about this...
    I haven' t called yet, but since your post was a month after, and from the same place for TW3's, could this be the TW's I won on ebay? Pat
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