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Conversation Between Lietuvis91 and TORI3

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  1. Ah, ****. Pasted this in the wrong place.
  2. Iím in the same camp as you, but I have the RTi series. I started a thread earlier this week and people suggested the following:


    Iím looking at those top three right now because theyíve supposedly tamed the RTiís brightness. From what Iíve read on these forums, the Monitor series isnít as bright as the RTi series.

    Odyssey Stratos

    Those were some other general recommendations. In regards to Emotiva, Iíve heard itís a rather bright amplifier, which in my case, would be a bad mix. If this wasnít the case, Iíd probably be checking them out as well.

    Here are some great places to buy (recommended by fellow members in Polk and AVS):
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