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Conversation Between Geoff4rfc and cbow8

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  1. I got black. Wish i woulda got cherry. Was spur of the moment though. Ended up getting rtia9,2csia6's,two paairs of fxia6 and a pair of rtia3. I will get them tomorrow. Do a side buy side on my 9.1 lsi setup and sell what i dont want. I think ill be selling the lsifx 2 pair and lsic.might keep the lsi15 just bc there not worth takinga beating on shipping. But i am in central cal so local pick up maybe possible. Also my lsi are mint some of it only week old lol. Rest 1 month or two so it should sell fine.i have my lsi system in the showcase area now. Nothing special but im proud lol
  2. sry i couldnt wait. i just ordered rtia9, 2 csia6 two pairs of fxia6 and pair of rtia3. i never could ge into the lsi's. to laid back for my listening area. my entire lsi line will go up for sale
  3. Hey man. You selling your speakers. Im thinking about switching to rtia line. Im not really liking the lsi line up.of course i got 9.1 system all brandnew and i dont like them lol. My lsi7 and lsifxs are only few days old and i got pair onlsifx new in box. Give me a price list of your speakers. Are they ebony?
  4. Hey bro, just saw your message. Glad it sounded good for you. I've tried running my speakers above 60hz and it just didn't sound "full" enough for me.
  5. I tried your setup out. Sounds nice at 40 hz! Tightens things up a bit takes a little load off the subs. Ill probably still go 80hz during loud movies just keep those lows level hz from damaging anything. But definitely a great great setting for the epik and polks!
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