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Conversation Between Geoff4rfc and cphillips82

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  1. I wish I could say that I have, but....I did start them on my XPA-3, they started to sound a tad bit bright, edgy even. When I upgraded to the XPA-2, they smoothed right out.

    I have two pair of A9's, my mains are on the XPA-2 and the wides are on the XPA-3. I've had my second pair for a few days now and they sound great, my front stage is pretty powerful.
  2. Geoff, did you ever run your a9's off just your receiver before adding the Emo's? I've had my a9's for a few
    weeks now and love them and now just ordered an Emo xpa-3. I'm hoping to get even more out of them with the emo, wondered if you had a before and after comparison opinion. Thanks
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