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Conversation Between mwk455 and dekuda

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  1. Hey Mike, there may be a guy interested here ,Poolgod, but not sure. Endersshadow offered to help with the transport since he is coming up from Indy in a couple weeks and poolgod I quess lives down there. But not sure if your amp is in his price range since he was commenting on a post for a Parasound 750. Anyway, give poolgod a pm and see
  2. What a day.My car would not start today,died in middle of the day. luckily it is the battery but no one haves one in stock.Have to pick it up in the morning. Steve got a $200.00 fine for not comeing to a complete stop in Schaumburg. He is all upset. All of my parts for my calls today were wrong parts. And I have to work at 1 a.m. tonight. I wish I could start the day over.
  3. $150 is too much. Even for the version 2.You can get a better deal on ebay
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