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Conversation Between dieseldude and Kenneth Swauger

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  1. Hello Samuel,
    I worked on the amp for a friend of mine and I think it turned out well. I had to purchase the schematics from a guy in Canada and they came without any of the values listed. As I went through the amp I notated whatever part values I could determine. I ended up replacing all the important resistors with Dale MF and the coupling caps with MIT MTX series. I eliminated the speaker protection fuses and ran new coaxial cable from input RCA to the PCB. I removed the AC transformer and painted it as well as the main cover. I replaced the RCA and speaker binding posts with Vampire's best. I had to replace the tubes and set all the DC offsets, etc.
    Regards, Ken
  2. Kenneth,

    I have just started to rebuild my Moscode 600. I've found it difficult to locate any useful upgrade data. I'm wondering if you did any mods on yours and would you happen to have any updated schematics etc. Also, would you happen to know of a replacement for the 800uf 330v photoflash caps?

    Thanks in advance.

    Samuel Crider
    New Orleans
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