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Conversation Between Kenneth Swauger and jmbarthol

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  1. Hello John,
    I'm sorry you received a driver with a bent basket, call Polk CS at 1-800-377-7655 and extension 324. That's Helen Yarbor's number and she'll fix you up. I believe all of the MW6502 drivers used a stamped basket, check with Kim Jasper at extension 208. The original MW6502 are long gone. The new drivers still use rubber surrounds, as far as I know, but I haven't been with Polk for a year now.
    Best regards, Ken
  2. Hi Ken,

    I bought a pair of replacement MW6502 drivers recently for some old 5Jr's but one of them had a bent basket so I need to contact CS. I noticed these use a stamped frame rather than a cast one like the old 6502's. They also appear to have fine foam rubber surrounds rather than solid butyl rubber.

    Are all the original MW6502's gone? I'd like these speakers to last another 25+ years but foam tends to deteriorate after a while. I was thinking about purchasing 4 mw6503's to replace the four drivers in my monitor 10's as well but I'm wondering if they are cast or stamped and whether or not they have the butyl surrounds as opposed to foam.

    Thanks much!

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