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Conversation Between Kenneth Swauger and thesurfer

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  1. Sorry Ken, just got caught up in the moment,, jimmy.
  2. Hey ken,,, i think the rt7,s had the same tweeter, the tri-lams, i think its the fact that the rt7,s used a 7 1/2 mid-bass, and while it threw a bigger soundstage, and deeper bass, it did not have the tight, and accurate midrange, as the rt25i, basically the rt7, in my OP, was a big tubby speaker made to compeat with tha advent prodigy, and legacy, and i believe this by the fact, that they were never upgraded,, would you agree to this assumption,,??? jimmy,
  3. Hello Sir, ive been told your the man to ask,, so thats what ill do,,, Ive been into buying older rt speakers of late,,, The only one i dont have are the rt7,s Ive got a chance to get a pair,,, but been told there not as nice, as the rt35i,s or even the rt25i,s, as a matter of fact, most folks say the rt25i,s were your most refined bookshelf speaker,,, as far as the older stuff goes,,, what say you,,, Thanks, jimmy.
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