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Conversation Between Kenneth Swauger and jobbs

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  1. Hi Ken,

    I have this Polk Speaker setup - Fronts RT1000i Center CS400i Rear f/x500i Subwoofer PSW650. Should I setup all these speakers as LARGE on my Yamaha RX-V1065 receiver? Should my LFE be the PSW650 or both the PSW650 and the RT1000i's.

    I had the speakers set as LARGE and the PSW650 as the LFE but when I play audio CD's 2.0 the subwoofer is never engaged. I selected SMALL for the front speakers and that fixes the output to the PSW650 issue but essentially there is nothing coming out of the subs in the RT1000i's

    Yamaha told me to set the fronts as LARGE and the Sub as (both the PSW650 and RT1000i's). That produces bass from all 3 but I am concerned about phase cancellation and a fairly jagged frequency response if all 3 subs are sending out the same frequencies.

    What do you recommend? Thanks
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