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Conversation Between Kenneth Swauger and Davidm89

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  1. Hello David,
    Yes, just send the amplifier to: Polk Audio Factory service, 1 Viper Way, Vista, CA. 92081 please include a short note giving them your name, address and a daytime telephone number. If you've owned the sub less than three years include a copy of your sales receipt.
    Regards, Ken
  2. Greetings Kenneth,

    I have a blacked out fuse in my PSW505 Subwoofer. A Google search led me to the following thread:

    The fuse is fully blacked out, so I believe that I may need to send the unit in for service. I realize that this thread is from 2004, so I figured I should check if it is still acceptable to send just the amplifier. I would rather avoid the cost of shipping the entire cabinet. Please let me know if this is acceptable.

    David M.
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