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Conversation Between Kenneth Swauger and vmaxer

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  1. Ken,

    I ouldn't attach a photo, see the troubleshooting section for a photo. Posted by vmaxer.


    Billy Lewis
  2. Ken,

    I just purchased a refurbished pair of LSI-15's and hooked them up this evening. When I started playing them I could smell something, I wasn't sure if it was serious or just because of them being new.

    Well, after a couple of hours of them playing I went back in the room and noticed they sounded different and I traced it to the left tweeter not working. I pulled it and it seemed okay so I pulled the crossover. Bingo, it smelled very bad when I pulled it out then when I got to where I could see it, I saw it was burned. See the attached photo. Please call my cell phone tomorrow 731-644-6259 to discuss this. I am hoping you can overnight me a new crossover. It also seems like there isn't much excess wire to work with on these?? Are there any tips or things to watch out for I need to be aware of??

    Also, do you know what could have caused this??

    Billy Lewis
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