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Conversation Between Kenneth Swauger and javygonx

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  1. Hi:
    One quick question. I bought the PSW10. I read your article on how to setup the sub.
    I have a doubt. It says "set the variable low pass filter, on the sub-woofer, to the highest setting"

    Its that the crossover knob? If so, set it to the highest (like 250, or in the 40)?
    Another quick thing. Im using Bose AccoustiMass System. Its for my bedroom. That Bose sub enclosure its not enough and it does not use the subout on the receiver. Thats why I bought the PSW10, pretty cheap in CC. Im using Denon 686 Receiver.
    Where should I put the crossover setting on the Denon by using that amp? And the setup crossover in the Sub, where to put it, in 250, or 40?? Thanks
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