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Conversation Between tophatjohnny and fafner

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  1. Here is a document that says a lot about the Polk SDA Models. The 2B model came out a few years after this but the basic technology and product build are the same as the large model in this brochure but mine have one less tweeter and mid-range.

  2. Hi Johnny,

    I am sorry I don't have a camera but here is a site that has a picture of the basic SDA 2B Polk. The various models vary only in their exterior treatment. The speakers of course have a black fabric cover (in a wood frame) but the covers are removed for this photo. Mine are in what I consider to be excellent (essentially like new) condition.

    You can get lots more pix, specs and reviews by simply Googling for Polk SDA 2B. Let me know if I can provide any more info.

    Aaron Monroe
  3. Johnny,

    Here is a pic of the SDA 2b model without the front cover.
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