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Conversation Between snake1 and bdtae5656

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  1. I can meet you on I 40; just let me know a good day for you. Saturday I won't be available
  2. I'll be more than happy to video the speakers while playing music and or a movie. I sent you pictures of both, but if you'd like I'll take the cover off of the right speaker. I have a separate sub so I don't use the internal amp on the lsi 25 anymore. I've tried both ways. I'll drop them to $800 but that's the best I can do. Btw I'm headed for vacation this Saturday and wont be back for two weeks. If you'd like to meet up in Little Rock this Friday I'd be more than happy to bring the 25's with me. Please give me your cell and i'll text you a video of the 25's in action.
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