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Conversation Between ZLTFUL and cmarks2701

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  1. Thanks for your reply. I just snagged a pair of 1.2TL's on Ebay in NJ and am picking them up next weekend. I understand you're busy with your own SDA's. Perhaps we could do something later this year? My email is 319 846 2188.
  2. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...

    Possibly but I have my own SDAs that are sitting in the shop waiting for me to get time to do them.

    If we could track down a second set of binding post plates and the parts for the upgrades to the x-overs, I could get them put together without the speakers present and then send them/drop them off to you.

    Shoot me a PM and we can exchange numbers and go from there.
  3. Wondering if you had the time to repair/upgrade some RTA 15t speakers? I live near Iowa City. Chris marks Amana IA
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