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Conversation Between TroyD and salasg

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  1. Rock on brother! Let us know what you think....always liked the Onk amps...

  2. Thanks. Now I am anxious to get this up and running. Thought if it wasn't common ground could still use for my RTA15TL's. But now I gotta get my 1C's going.
  3. Yes, the M-501 is common ground (there aren't many true dual mono amps running around...and they tend to be very expensive!)....hook it up and enjoy!


  4. Hey TroyD,
    Picked up an Onkyo M-501 from Steve, AKA Dawgfish, and was wondering if this is a common ground amp. Steve seemed to belive that you have or had a few of these amps and may be able to pass along any pertinent info. I am planning on running this amp with a B&K pre and my SDA 1C's. :) Any info would be greatly appreciated. :D
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