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Conversation Between Grimster74 and Joshwhite

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  1. Yeah, my 3808 did the same thing after I installed the update. I'm one of those people that like to manually set my units up so after I ran the Audyssey, I then went back into the manual setup and make all my speaker adjustments (distance, sizes, x-over, etc.) and the volume level went back to the way it was before the feature pack upgrade. Give that a shot.

  2. Hey, dont know if i responded to your last pm but yea its up and running, sounds beatiful on 7.1 all rti8s. So much better than my yamaha but i had an old one. I got the upgrade package and is it me or is the volume alot lower ex., what once was -15 bd is now like -5 on the volume. i have it set to the "day" setting but it is still a lot lower any thoughts? Again thanks for the help you seem like you got your stuff down when it comes to the denons.
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