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Conversation Between Shannon W. and LandShark

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  1. I'm a member now and you can see my system pics on my profile, I think or at the Showcase link. Thanks.
  2. Hi Shannon, checked out your pics...nice setup! I have a question, I'm not new to the HT thing but I don't know alot past speakers, Receivers etc. What does the Monster equipment in your HT system do? What is it's purpose, better sound or equipment protection? Also, the Velodyne deal you have, what is that? I'm asking because I've gone as far as I'm going to on my speakers/subs and receiver and I just want to know if I need something else to improve my HT...(although Did have a knock on my door a few nights ago from a guy 2 blocks away saying in the nicest possible way "You're shaking the entire neighborhood" lol) I have an Onkyo 705>Polk CS2 center>Polk Monitor 70 mains>Polk OWM surrounds>and 2 velodyne subs VRP1000 and VRP1200>Samsung 40" LCD and Sony S350 BDP....thanks for any help.
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