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Conversation Between LuSh and dwalkerdon

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  1. Hey Lush about that thread on LD vs DVD Audio quality you had almost 3 years ago, I converted lossy dvd tracks to Flac using Foobar 2000 & they sound equal to laserdisc tracks. i posted links to the flac files in this thread at avsforum.

    my name is Dingane Walker on that thread

    Foobar2000 stribs the dialnorm/drc metadata

    Dialnorm was truly a bad idea. The compression algorithim used on dvd is actually higher than the one used for the theater. They added dialnorm for consumer use
  2. Hey LuSh, check out this link:

    Dolby Digital is a lot better than we think it is. Dolby knows the secrets, but won't tell us how to get maximum fidelity from our DVD's

    Ever wonder how a DD 320kbps 5.1 track can sound like a DTS HD Master audio track in a movie theater?

    I read online that Dolby Digital is Heavily Encrypted. I guess DD sounding so low in volume is Dolby's Anti-Piracy measure to combat Piracy. When a DD file gets encoded, all the levels of the master soundtrack go unchanged. Dolby knows what they are doing. I think it's a decoder issue not so much about the bitrate. Dolby has the hardware & the software to fully resolve DD tracks, but they won't release it to consumers.

    I'm at my computer right now & I'm switching between DD 5.1, DD 2.0 & DTS tracks on DVD & listening to their LD PCM counterparts, & a lot of the mixes are the same.
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