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Conversation Between MacLeod and 72SprBtl

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  1. Hi Mac,
    I've been browsing the forums for about a week, and had a question about your post regarding SR5250 high pass frequency. Do you think 50hz would be a safe frequency for my application?
    HU - Pioneer DEH-P600UB
    Amp - Alpine PDX 2.150 (actual 180w per channel)

    This is my first car audio attempt, so I want to avoid blowing my speakers, considering how much money I've invested. The 5250's aren't yet broken in, and only have a few hours on them. Right now a sub is out of my budget, but my plans are for a PDX 1.1000 powering a 12" Alpine Type X. Maybe even biamping and running the 5250's active at some point in the future. Thanks Mac
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