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Conversation Between MacLeod and rustysedam

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  1. So I can't set the gain any higher than halfway? Seems like a waste of money for an amp like that if you cant set it any higher than that. I've got it set now to about the 11 o'clock position (just under half) as reccommended by Polk for the break in period, then he said after about 30 hours I could turn it to about 1 o'clock, but I wouldn't want any higher than that. What do you think?

    And how would I have gotten 1000 watts to the sub with the gain turned up as high as I had it if the amp is only rated at 600 watts on that channel? Remember, I'm new to this, so I'm pretty dumb on it all.

    Also Polk techs told me that the 600 watt rating is for 1 ohm load and since the 1040DVC is a dual 4 ohm sub, that it would pull 2 ohms or about 300-400 watts when both +/- terminals are hooked up. That if I hooked up 2 1040DVC, I’d get 1 ohm, but only actually get about 280 watts per sub, which he said was too low and wouldn't put the subs at their full potential. Your opinion? Continued...
  2. And if I got 2 of the 1040 SVC subs, it would put them at 2 ohms, which again would only pull 300-400 total watts, so if I have 2 of them I'd only get 150-200 watts per sub wouldn't I??

    I've always read that too little power on subs can ruin them and that a little too much power is better.

    Any more input you could provide on my concerns would be helpful. Thank you.
  3. You will have to read these messages from the bottom up with the earlier timed posts read 1st to understand them in order that I wrote them. I was only allowed 1000 characters per message so I apoligize that I had to write multiple messages.

    Any help you can give in this matter would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  4. I don't understand the ohms aspect for the amp & sub I have. The way it looks to me is that the amp puts out 600 watts at 1 ohm on the mono sub channel and the sub is rated at 350 watts for dual 4 ohms (which I think means a 2 ohm load). It seems to me there might be a mismatch between the amp and sub, but not sure because I know nothing about this. My bother seems to think the only way I can get to a 1 ohm load on this 1100.5 amp is to parallel 2-1040-DVC subs together. He believes if I just hook up the 1-1040-DVC sub that I'll just blow it again because of a mismatch on the ohms & power between the amp and sub.

    Can you tell me if I can just stick with 1 sub & make this work at high volumes and if so, what do I need to do differently? Or do I need to go with 2 subs, which I don't really want. Another option I guess could be to goto the SR104-DVC sub from polk, which looks like it might be a closer match to the amp, but don't really wanna spent that much more for that sub.
  5. My cousins boyfriend who says he's got a bit of experience here (and who also has a phenominal sounding JL audio system in his GMC Jimmy) let me choose my components, made some additional reccommendations, then looked it all over for me and said it'd work great. We got it all hooked up and it worked great for about a week. It sounded exactly like I wanted. Then my sub blew and I'm not sure why. Yes, I did have it up pretty loud (probably 80% of the head units volume level at 40 out of 50, but I think I should be able to do that after sinking over $1,500 for this system). I'm buying another MM1040-DVC to replace it and want some advice on what I need to do differently to prevent this from happening again.

    continued on another message...
  6. Hey there. You seem to be an expert at this car audio stuff that I'm new to, so I will ask you my questions in hopes you'll be able to help me.

    Here's what I purchased for my 2008 Chevy Malibu:

    1-JVC KW-XR810 head unit
    1-Polk Audio PA1100.5 amp
    1-Polk Audio MM1040-DVC Sub in custom made sealed box using Polk's reccommended enclosure measurements.
    1-pair Polk Audio MM651 6.5' speakers
    1-pair Polk Audio MM691 6x9 3-way speakers
    1-Street Wires 1 farad capacitor
    1-StreetWires Power Station Single Amp Kit, 4 AWG, Blue

    continued on another message...
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