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Conversation Between MacLeod and Kiran

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  1. Sweet, thanks for that!! Yeah, the distributor is just giving me a replacement for the PA1200, so I wont be paying anything extra. I guess its Audison then. Do you know anything about this particular model - LRx 1.1k? have u heard it? I cant seem to find any reviews online...
  2. Hey Mac, hows it going...I have been going back and forth with the Polk distributor here and the end result is useless!!! Im giving up on the PA1200 for sure..he has offered me the Audison LRx 1.1k or the Hertz HP 1D as a replacement. Im leaning towards the Audison, cus I was told it is the better brand of the two, but they are both by Ellettromedia, so i'm not sure which way to go the specs are more or less the same. Im still going to drive the 12 inch SR DVC sub. I would really appreciate any advice uve got. I am sick of listening to just mids and highs in my car for the past year, even thoug i love the SR6500's!!! Thanks Mac
  3. Thanks, Ill try those settings out right away...but do u have any idea as to why the amp cuts out for like days together?? usually an amp should come back to life once its cooled down.... Like right now its been 3 days and no luck!!
  4. Hey Mac, hows it going...I finally got my set up done, still have a ton of fine tuning, but before that I have a problem with my PA1200.1 amp which I was hoping u could help me with. when I play it at high volumes it just cuts out after about half an hour or an hour of listening time!!!!! Its connected to my alpine CDA9987 and powers a Polk SR124DVC subwoofer. The blue lights and everything are still on, so I know its still powered up, but it just doesn't deliver anything to my sub!! It comes back to life a day or two later, and its like nothing happened at all, until it just cuts out again! It doesn't seem to be overly hot so I dont think its overheating, and my gain is set to half since I dont like a very loud low end. I'm totally lost as to whats happening and I'm about ready to rip this amp out and go with another brand - JL audio or ARC audio.... I really dont want to spend on anything new right now unless I have to, so ur help would def. be appreciated :) ...Thanks bro
  5. Hey thanks Mac, so I guess I'll go ahead and keep them in the doors. The only thing is that my doors dont have much volume behind them since they have been sealed of in half. Also the stock Mid is probably 3 or 3.5 inches so I have to make some alterations anyways. This is why I though that I could make an enclosure and open it up further through the door panel so I get about .4 cu.ft behind the mid driver. you mentioned that the SR's work best free air, but ive got limited volume in the doors so what do you feel the minimum volume I will require to get these speakers to work flawlessly - from your experience?? The enclosure I'm planning on is mainly to add volume to the existing door panel according to your recommendation and to help direct the speaker toward the center of the front seats. Hey thanks a lot for the help, I appreciate it! As for lobbing, I don't fully understand it, but I believe it occurs when vertical separation between the tweets and the mids is created its stretches the soundstage in that direction...I'm really not sure, but heres the link to the article in CA&E if you want to check it out -

    its pretty interesting but a lot of it goes over my head since i'm not all that well versed!
  6. The Polk SR's work best in a free air set up. Mount them in the doors and dont worry about using an enclosure.

    The best place to mount the tweeters is wherever they work best. Ive never heard of "lobbing" but know that 99% of SQ competitiors that have their mids in the kicks, have the tweets in the a pillars or someother place up high. The reason being is that with everything in the floor most of your stage is going to come from the floor.

    Best thing to do is to try the mids AND tweeters in different places and see how they sound.
  7. Hey Mac, I had asked u a few questions in regard to the SR6500 positioning in my car, etc. Sorry to bother you, but I jus thought i'd remind you incase u havent had the time yet..I would really appreciate your help, if you could spare a few minutes to help out a 'far less experienced' audiophile!!!:o

  8. Hey Mac, I'm new to this forum, but I have been reading it for a while now, and came upon some of ur threads which I have to say were very insightful! You seem to really know ur stuff, I was hoping that you could help me out a bit..Im in the process of creating a new audio set up in my car, and I've hit a few speed bumps on the way! I have just got all my equipment together and will be starting the install next saturday, but before I do I need to figure out a few basics, so here goes -

    1. The first issue i'm having is figuring out the placement of my front speakers (SR 6500). The two options I have are either to create a fiberglass enclosure in front of the door panel which will be about 0.2 cu.ft. max; I could create a 4"x4" port into the door panel if this enclosure space isnt enough - the big question is will this work well??? I cant mount the speaker directly into the door since it wont fit (the factory mid is way smaller!). The second option is to create a kick panel enclosure in fiberglass and aim it toward the centre of the front seats. My main worry here is what is the minimum size enclosure that these speakers need, since a kick panel will be rather small in volume. In one of the threads i read that the SR 6500 needs around 0.4 cu.ft. which I dont think will be possible to achieve in a kick panel without significantly reducing legroom. What is your experience with this issue and what do you think I should do? Another concern with the kick panels is that I want to place the tweets and the mids as close together as possible to avoid lobbing (I read about this in CA&E) but if I place the tweeters in the kicks then Im concerned about a low soundstage even if I direct them you can see i'm pretty confused as to which way to go. I guess if you can tell me what size enclosure works best for the 6500's it will help in a huge way as well as how you have tackled similar issues. (In one of your threads you mentioned that an IB works best, but in my case I dont have very much door panel enclosure if ported into the door with the 4"x4" port will total to about 0.4 cu.ft, but its technically two chambers of approx. 0.2 cu.ft. each).

    I would really appreciate your help in figuring out what I should do. You seem to know these speakers way better than most people, so i'm hoping that you can help me solve this. Thanks in advance... again, ur help will be much appreciated!!


    PS: can u tell me if I should stick to the 1.2cu.ft. size recommended for the SR124DVC sub enclosure or is 1.4 better for SQ? thanks
    also, this is the set up im working with -
    SR 6500 (front)
    SR 6500 (rear)
    SR 124 DVC
    Arc Audio SE 4200 (4 channel amp)
    Polk 1200.1 Mono
    Alpine PXE-H650 Processor
    Jamo spkr cables, Monster interconnects, e2 Amp wiring kit and cap
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