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Conversation Between MacLeod and sgesang

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  1. Hello MacLeod,
    My name is Tony and I am from Indonesia. I admire your effort for sharing your knowledge and expertise to all car audio fans. Also your performance in many SQ competitions is really impressive.

    Polk Audio catch my attention especially the SR series. I would appreciate if you can post your previous competition car pictures so we can roughly follow your installation process such as mid in kick panel, tweeter in an A-pillar, subwoofer placement...etc with description how and why you install it that particular way to achieve maximum SQ.

    Also, It will be very interesting if you spare your time to post a new thread such as "The Quest of SQ Champion" or "Greatest SQ tips I have ever had"...etc.

    Once again, thank you very much for everything and I wish you will be the world champion this year!!!

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