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Conversation Between MacLeod and pentoncm

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  1. How exactly do you get the center image in the middle of the dash? I have everything pretty well level matched for the driver seat. Or do you actually have to level match for the middle of the car (like in between the front seats?) I tried just moving the image from in front of me to the center of dash, but I didn't like the sound at all.
  2. So I think that the .88 cu ft. recommendation for the polk MM sub is after displacement. When I calculate the external volume of the box it comes to 1.4 cu ft. After subtracting the volume of using .75 inch Mdf, that comes to .98 cu ft internal. I've physically measured my box to be about .96-.97 cu ft internal before displacement. So I plan on putting a little bit of polyfill in on Saturday when it gets hooked up, thinking 1/2 pound.
  3. I just picked up a prefab box from my local shop. It is .92 cu. ft. which is close enough to the suggested .88 recommended spec for the 12 inch MM. It shouldn't have as much of a problem as your 10 inch Momo. Your box is about 14% larger than recommended, while my box is only an extra 4%.
  4. I think I saw on the forums that you used the 10 inch MM subs. If so, did you use a larger than recommended enclosure size? I'm trying to figure out a box size for my 12 inch MM. Thanks.
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