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Conversation Between kingkip and DaveLadely

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  1. Did you buy the Kappa 8s? I bought two pair awhile back, for my sister and also her son.
    Hard to beat for $500.00. I talked with Arnie Nudell awhile back, he wanted me to buy new Genesis, I told him that I liked his Kappa 9s, in genuine rosewood cabinets, well enough to keep them, since they sounded very close to the Genesis which cost thousands and their retro modern design clashed with my traditional solid cherry furniture and antiques.
    I'd like to keep in touch since we live in the Seattle area. I am using Sunfire equipment, designed by my old friend, Bob Carver. The Sunfire amps have no problem driving the Kappa 9s, just as Bob assured me. My email:, phone 206-354-0857
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