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Conversation Between SCompRacer and speyerdom

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  1. Thanks Rich. I took the cover off and removed the cover to the reader. After cleaning the laser head with isopropyl alcohol and reassembly I found that the unit played the hybrids as SACDs. I did get a good look at the reader assembly and think it not too difficult to replace if I have to in the future. wants $85 for the reader now. Again, thanks a lot for the heads up on the solder on the trace! -=R0b=-
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum and joined primarily because of a posting you made in February, 2008 re: optical reader for a Sony NS999ES SACD player. My 999 is like the one in the thread - will not recognize hybrid SACD's. You talked of replacing the optical pickup (reader) - part number A6062709A from I've not had the cover off this machine. Is this a hard job - or just 'plug and play', like part to like part? Another talked of just cleaning the heads with Isopropyl Alcohol and there was also talk of sending the unit back to 'Laredo' which I assume is the Sony repair place. I would appreciate any help you can give me. This unit has been used for the past 4-5 years to play DVD's for my home entertainment and now has been replaced with a BlueRay unit. I now can use the 999 for some serious SACD listening on my stereo system. It will place a SACD disk but not the 3 other hybrid SACD I have in my collection. -=Rob=- in NJ, USA
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