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Conversation Between george daniel and Edward Powell

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  1. Re your VTL 50's: still available? I've had an older McIntosh system I loved for the warm sound & have longed for a modest tube system.

    Also, I'm curisous if someone might be interested in a trade for something like my Pioneer Elite 50" plasma? I love it but I really want to put together a modest tube system (even an integrated amp to save on space & cost, with some bookshelf speakers like the Sonus Fabers i've had a crush on for years. And given I've made many trades through the years, i'd love to continue the tradition unless it's frowned upon).

    My music of choices are small scale orchestral, jazz, ambient and world music. Warmth & pinpoint sounstaging is where I get my kicks.

    Your price is entirely fair though any any advice is appreciated. I'll try to become a more frequent reader of this site.

    Los Angeles, CA
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