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Conversation Between zingo and bsoko2

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  1. Those are great speakers and a lot of people like them more than the 1.2s because they have a lower listening height. I haven't talk to him about those speakers, but that guy is a huge audiophile and has some world class equipment. The price is okay, and you're probably not going to find a pair that's been kept in better condition, but it wouldn't hurt to see if you can talk to price down a little.

  2. zingo - did you talk with this guy before about Polk's. He's into speakers as a hobby and has alot of them. Right now he has a pair of SDA SRS 2.3 for sale on craigslist: I have asked some of the members about the price and it was ok but not great deal. What do you think?

    bsoko, Bill in Olympia
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