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Conversation Between MillerLiteScott and ozzy21236

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  1. Russ,

    I will have to get the cartridge back to you. I do not think it will work with my TT. My head shell is set up so the cartridge is secured by screws going into the cartridge and the one you lent me has the screws going into the head shell.

    Let me know when it would be a good time to drop it back off.

  2. Russ,

    Happy Holidays. I think I have done all I can with your protractor. Thank you. I will have to get it back to you shortly. Let me know when would be a good time to drop it off and where.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hey Scott ,
    How's it going ? Just wonder if you had a chance to try that mirrored protractor?
    I'm in no hurry at all to get it back ,just curious with the results .

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