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Conversation Between daboyz and sevoodooan

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  1. Just an update, you can move onto another member who is interested in your LSI15. I went ahead on ebay and bought a pair. But thank you for giving me an opportunity.
  2. Oh, I see now... I understand. I guess I can have some more patience and wait on this deal then.
    Again, I'm ready to pay and make the trip. It's obvious that I'm just wanting them.
    Regardless, just let me know if I should wait on you for the LSI to become available again.

    Thanks for the update.
  3. Any new updates or decisions? I'm not trying to be rushy, I'm just antsy.
  4. By the way, I forgot to mention that I have a pair of RT800 (older style with black woofers) and if you go ahead with meeting up I can bring those along. That is if you would like them. I'll just give them to you.

    I have no one else to give them to. My bother isn't into speakers and my fathers already has 2 pairs of his own. Selling them on eBay, shipping wouldn't be worth it. If you don't want them, I'll post them up here and see who is willing to find Decatur to pick them up. They are really good speakers but you can see the years they have on them.
  5. Alright, cool. Yeah I'll take them. Let me know if it's a deal I'll give you dates when I am able to drive down. I'm looking forward to these. Thank you.
  6. Hey there Dave,

    I can send a private message yet since I don't have 10 posts as yet. Regardless, I saw that you lived in Rockford, IL and I'm living at Decatur, MI. It's not a bad drive to Chicago for me. I was wondering if you would be up for it to meet me in Chicago? It's all up to you. I was going to call it a trip for my girlfriend and I. Of course I am very interested and will take the RSI's off your hands. I just can't pass up that price. Again, just let me know if you're willing to. Thanks,

    Sean S.
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