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Conversation Between Kex and daevp

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  1. Jonathan, I would totally expect the 720BEE to exceed your expectations, despite the modest ratings. In any case, it is 2 ohm stable, so the 4 ohm rating of the LSi15 will not be a problem IMO. Give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!
  2. Hi,

    I just bought a NAD receiver the C720BEE. And I'm thinking of upgrading my speakers, and was wondering if you thought that receiver could power the LSI15's that Polk sells. I saw them on Ebay for $899 in refurbished condition sold by Polk Direct. I never listen to music particularly loud and mostly listen to acoustic folk music rather than hard driving rock, shawn colvin, pink martini, paris combo, norah jones, bruce springsteen, bluegrass, celtic music, and contra dance music are among the types of things i listen to. will this work, or do i need a lot more than the 50 amps that the NAD provides. You mentioned on another thread that you thought the NAD receivers could do the job, but I just wanted to double check. If there's another type of Polk speaker you would recommend instead, let me know. I appreciate your expert advice.

    Jonathan Brandt
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