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Conversation Between LandShark and cnh

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  1. Landshark,

    I think that Rti system would do you for a while! If I had the extra cash...I'd probably upgrade my HT to RTI-A9s, etc. Get myself a Pioneer Elite SC-07 or the newer equivalent, and maybe some Parasound amps or Carver, and be done with HT.

    I would then experiment with the RTI-A9s and an HT bybass...pick up an Adcom 750 pre-amp and upgrad the Front Parasound amp to a Halo 21 (also ass. with Parasound). And see what that did for 2 channel.

    The A9s are actually the most 'musical' of the Rtis as well as being the biggest and bad A$$ of the series--reaching down to 30hz with 3 X 7" woofer cones and a huge box...they out-weigh the M70s by almost 20 pounds!

  2. Yeah, I am looking to get RTi9's, CSia6, FXia6 and a SVS pb12 or pb13 Ultra and I will be content to serve out the rest of my years with these (38 so I'm sure that upgradeitis will hit again). Thanks for your help, hated to see CC go down!
  3. Sorry I didn't check back here Land..

    Yeah...getting a great sub and a power amp would automatically make almost any system sound better. For example...I bought a used Adcom GFA 555 and hooked my M70s up to it through a Denon AVR 2807...INSTANT difference...all of a sudden....more bass, more detail, more imaging than the speaks with the Denon alone...

    Also I need to make a correction below, I meant to say Dynaudio Speakers....Dynaco does amps mostly!

    If you heard some decent towers with a good power amp behind them, even your Onkyo might be OK as the pre/pro....check out Parasound, Rotel, Nad, Cambridge Audio, Carver, Adcom amps, etc. when you make your listening journey!

    Even with a 5000 dollar budget you're better off buying a used power amp and perhaps upgrading the speaks... Polk Rti-A9s are formidable towers when powered by a good external amp! I think you would like those.

  4. Hey LandShark,

    I really think that Polk Rti-A9s are a wonderful HT speaker to use as R/L....they're much larger than the M70s...and can belt out BASS when powered with a nice amp. I'd get the large center and I do like the new Pioneer Elite ICE-amps quite a bit. But a new Onkyo 3000 or higher or older 876 or 906 would also do the job.

    But some people like the NEW Def Tech slim-line MYTHOS towers which have a powered sub built into each tower and metal dome tweeters. You can HEAR those at any MAGNOLIA Best Buy. That's where I would GO to here some higher end speaks...some are now also carrying the Polk Rti-line, I think.
    Also listen to some of the DefTech Powercubes (subs).

    Also, track down mantis (Dan) on this site...he installs HT for a living and has a Pioneer SC-07 I think! And has either gotten the Mythos towers or is going to. He's a good source and has heard a ton of stuff.

    Dynacos are also good HT towers!! Do a google search

  5. You're gonna have to take me under your wing so I can learn about the speakers I can't hear. I'm so far behind everyone because I can't go to a place where they have higher end
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