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Conversation Between bigaudiofanatic and Klemmy31

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  1. Hello,
    Serendipity suggested I drop you a line to pick your brain. I've got a C5 Vette coupe I'm gutting the stereo on. I've already purchased a head unit, a Pioneer AVH-P3300BT. I was looking at speakers, sub etc to finish it up and looking for some advice on suitability and compatibility. The speakers I was considering were the Polk MM 6501 for the front doors and MM 651 for the rear. For a sub in the storage space in the back I was looking at an MM 1040 or DB 1040, not sure about DVC or what dual voice coil really means or does. To power it all I was considering the PA D5000.5 Polk 5 channel amp. I've read about class D amps not giving good sound quality in good speakers but can't imagine Polk putting out something that wouldn't sound good with it's own speakers. I'm not looking for huge driving, gut pounding base or extremely loud volume. I'm after good, quality, worthy of my favorite car sound.
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