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Conversation Between tx_polkhead and zingo

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  1. I do not have the old tweeters as I tend to sell them as soon as I get the RDOs. Keep your eye on ebay, but the SL2500 does not pop up as much as other tweeters. Just one pair of RDOs for your Monitors wouldn't break the bank too much and would give you quite a nice sound. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck with your search.
  2. hey zingo, I see in your recent 'vintage' forum post that you replaced the tweeters in your Monitor 5JR's, you don't happen to have a SL 2500 (black dome with the black foam ring) sitting on a shelf from your upgrade that you would be willing to sell to me. One of my tweeters in my Monitor 5JR is dead and am looking for a replacement, but I am not ready to move up to the RDO's yet (6 tweeters would break the bank right now).
    email is or PM
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