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Conversation Between HB27 and comfortablycurt

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  1. It's much appreciated either way. It's encouraging to see that there are still some selfless people out there that try to help others out, just for the sake of helping someone out.

    So has your amp arrived yet?

  2. Harry-I just posted some pictures of my grille tabs in my original thread about the broken tabs. Do you know if those are the originals or not?
  3. Harry-

    I just heard back from Polk customer service, they informed me that they're the "treelock" tabs. They also told me that they have some of them in stock, and that they'd send some out to me free of charge.

    Thanks for the help in either case though, it's much appreciated. I'll send back the tabs that you sent me though, so you can throw them back in your parts bin.

  4. Yeah, they just arrived today. I kinda hate to say it...but they aren't the right ones. They're to small. The one's that are on my speakers are different...they aren't a ball and socket type. The clips themselves are mounted in the speaker baffles, and are actually two separate pieces that kind of squeeze together and push into holes in the grille.

    So, I'll just send them back to you. Any chance that you have the ones I'm talking about? I can get a picture of them if you want.
  5. Just checking to see if you got the grill tabs.
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