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Conversation Between fbm211 and Jer.War

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  1. Well,if your talking about speaker cables I was using DH Labs T-14.And before that canare 4S11.I upgraded to the Q-10 signature a few days ago and am really starting to like the Q-10 as they break in.Do some research on OCC cable and you will know why its such good copper.Of course DH Labs plates it in silver for improved highs.Shop around for the best price like value audio and audiogon too.I also use thier revelation interconnects which are made with pure silver.Air matrix is a great choice too.I intend to eventually replace the revelations with accoustic zen silver reference IIs.But thier really expensive,even used.
  2. Hello,
    While reading your post I noticed you are using DH LABS cables. How do you like them... I have a pair of LSI15 and I am looking to upgrade the wire feeding them and DH labs are a top candidate. What are the strengths and weaknesses?? What were you using before??
    I would appreciate any feedback, always nice to know what to expect before dropping the coing right??
    Thanks for your time
    Jeremy W.
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