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  1. The Denon AVR 790 is a pretty good choice for an entry level AVR. The only drawback I see is the fact that it doesn't have pre outs for adding an external amp. May not be a huge issue, but if you want to make your system a little more "future proof" I would suggest you look into one that has pre outs, without them, you don't have the option of addin an external amp down the road. The RTi's love power, but the 790 will do a good enough job of powering them. If somewhere down the road you wanted to give those RTi's more power, you would have to upgrade your AVR to one that has pre outs, before you could add an amp. The AVR 990 has them as does the 3310CI and above. They are a bit more pricey though, the 990 strats out at around $900. There are cheaper options if you look at other brands like Onkyo, Pioneer and Harmon Kardon though. Any more questions feel free to ask.

  2. thanks one last question....reciever...I was looking at teh Denon AVR790?
  3. No problem, just glad I could help. You will be ok with the CSiA4 for your center with the A7's, just may have to turn up the volume on center if the sound isn't good enough. If you can afford the A7's I would get them, if you get the A5's you will always wonder what if. The 125 is a beast, I was surprised by it's size when I got mine.
  4. Thanks so much. I would love to fit teh A6 but space will not allow it so I am going with the A4...will I run into any issue pairing it with the A7's? I looked at teh PSW125 and love the sound but man is it HUGE. I need someitng a tad smaller. this is my first HT setup and I want to make sure I get it done right. can you tell me your thoughts on the A7's vs teh A5's...aside of price..with a great sub, would i be better off with them?
  5. Sounds like a good start to me, the only thing I would suggest is maybe stepping up to the CSiA6 if you can fit/afford it. The sub looks like a good option as well, only one I have experience with is my PSW125, which I like very much. Good luck, and if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

  6. can I ask you a question....I really need some good polk room is 20x16 and I am thinking about eth RTIA7's with a CSIA4 adn a decent sub..maybe teh DSW 500. I will get a decent receiver, but I wanted to know your thoughts on this will be 95% HT. I woory about watching regular TV and stuff do you think this is a good mix?
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