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Conversation Between bluecomet and Crossover

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  1. Thanks, but I have to back down. I talked to the wife and she made me realize I don't need one more. I have one like it already and I really like it. The sound is very good. If you think of it as too bright it is because your speakers are too bright. You should try to auction it on ebay right now with starting price $50 or $100 because I think any starting price is just one cent until Friday. What I'm saying is that CD player is excellent, probably much better than the one you currently use. Didn't you notice the level of detail and dynamics in the sound? If you do ship it to someone, roll toilet tissue or newspaper around the body and then wrap around tape in addition, firmly, to make the CD tray not fly open during shipping, because that will tear apart the cog wheels inside. It has a $500 sound.
  2. Hi again. About the Sharp DX R750, if I paid you $30 for shipping would you go to FedEx or UPS instead of the USPS? I think insurance is included in their shipping. It would cost about $22. Put the $8 in your gas tank.
  3. It is new in the box. So I would have to rate it at 10. I played it to make sure it worked and there was no problems. It comes with a remote. I would sell it for twenty dollars plus shipping. I don't really have a return policy. It is brand new and if you wanted it I would have it insured. Just in case the post office somehow abuses it. I think the shipping to Florida would be about twenty dollars. It would be sent in the original box with all paperwork. I prefer money orders. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Jim
  4. Hi. The Sharp DX R750 CD player, did your mother say she never used it? On a scale 1-10, 10 being new in box, what is the external condition of the CD player? How much do you want to ship it to Florida? What is your return policy?
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