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Conversation Between cnh and renowilliams

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  1. Hey

    Hows things. I bet your eating chinese food more these

    Things are good here....just been doing a lot of work around here. I'm nearly finished my new tv room. I just have to order some old movie posters for the walls and get them framed or plaque mounted.
  2. Hey Tim,

    I haven't been active on this site because I'm in Beijing and the 'filters' here have been blocking my access to the forum?

    Hope you're well....I have a work-around I'm using to get this to you that will help me stay on once in a while.

    I'm here till July 2010.

    Here is my email...which is not blocked if you need to get me when I'm OFF line.

    Take care,
  3. No Tim,

    I didn't make it down...probably won't be able to pick them up till early June at this point. Which sucks, of course. But Russ is a good guy. He's got my back and my speakers on this one. There is a possibility that I might pick up when he comes up for that gathering in Pa.?

  4. Hey

    Did you get your sda's on the week-end?
  5. Not yet Tim,

    I might pick them up this weekend if I get to Pa. I have a deal with one of our members who is holding them for me to meet me half way so we can load them into my car. I have already purchased them a couple of weeks ago. Been waiting for the end of the semester for the pick up.

    Will check back in with the gang when I set them up.

  6. So did you get your SDA's yet??
  7. I did that review as you asked. It is an incredible reciever.
  8. Sounds good...I look forward to it. I'm picking up a couple of SDA-2As, or Bs? in a couple of weeks. I'm interested in hearing this SDA effect people have been raving about. Will need to use the Adcom on them.

    I've always liked Pioneer receivers...I have a 5 year old model in my basement system--it's not an Elite but it sounds OK.

  9. you bet...I'll take pictures to. I hope I don't get a hernia getting it out of the
  10. Well I've been doing a lot of reading about amps and have decided that I am going to get a pioneer sc-05 or 07. Its funny you know, I was looking at the Pioneer avr before I bought my yamaha. I like the Yamaha for H/T but not really impressed with the overall sound, so addding an amp to it is out.

    I know what you mean about the SDA's. They really seem to love them in this forum. You'll have to let me know what you think.

    Well, I better get back to work. I am sanding hardwood in the bathroom.

    Talk to you later

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