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Conversation Between comfortablycurt and wutadumsn23

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  1. Yeah I know, I put a thread up in the Forum, hopefully someone is intrested. Dude, don't play, I would sell my kidney if I had to to split these with you, lol. Seriously though if you lived closer, I would def. consider going halfsies on these, shipping them back and forth would kill the deal. Man, now you got me wondering, lol.
  2. $500 is a ridiculously good deal for those. The CSi5 alone is worth around $200. I've seen the 12's go for around $800 used...someone needs to snag that up. I wish I had the money...

    Wanna split a pair of RTi12's?:p
  3. Yeah, I called the guy this morning and he still has them and I asked him if $500 would be enough for him to part with them and he said "Yes" Not what I wanted to hear because I can't swing that kind of coin right now and that is a phenomonal deal on those speakers. I am going to put up a thread tonight and see what happens. I am more than willing to do all the leg work if someone wants to pony up the cash for them.
  4. I know what you mean man. That Onk' 906 was kinda tempting me too, but I can't swing it right now. I've got my eyes on one of the Pio Elite SC-07's myself.

    I keep seriously tossing around the idea of selling off all my HT gear, and just focusing on 2 channel for right now. I realized the other day, that I haven't even turned my AVR on in like 3 since getting into SDA's and external components in the 2 channel rig, I haven't been able to tear myself away from it. I highly doubt any of my HT gear is going anywhere...but I've been tossing it around. It could always be rebuilt...

    Yes, shipping would probably be the deal breaker for most people on those. Going on a rough guess, it'd probably be at least $150-$200, or even more, depending on where they'd be going. I'm half considering the CSi5...but it's the wrong color. The rest of my speakers are black.
  5. LOL, I was just thinking that myself about being able to "test" them for a few days. I am going to have to call the guy in the morning and see if he still has them and take it from there. Only problem is I have no idea how much shipping would be and that may be a deal breaker if it is as expensive as I think it will be. I also just saw the Onkyo TX-SR906 for sale on the forum for $1,000, lol. I tell you man, I am SERIOUSLY thinking about selling my stuff and starting over again, lol. I just wish I had more time to do it, he is moving in 3 days.
  6. I'd snag them up in a heartbeat at that price, if I had the money and the space. I'm trying to get the coin together for a pre-amp for my 2 ch. rig though right now, so some RTi12's aren't really in the budget.

    Post a thread up about them...I'm sure someone could use a killer deal on some 12's.

    If you find someone who wants them, you'll get to hang onto them for a few days, for "testing purposes" too.;)
  7. Yeah I knew it was a killer deal I have been watching them for about 3 weeks now. He started at $800 and has gone down every week. I don't know if I have the cash for them, but I hate to see them get "given" away to a friend or something. I am thinking about putting up a thread on the forum and snagging them for anybody who wants them and will pay for shipping.
  8. Damn!! That's a killer deal. I've seen the 12's by themselves go for quite a bit more than that.

    I'd absolutely love a pair of 12's, but I think they'd kinda be overkill in my 18'x15' All of my fundage is tied up right now in some other upgrades anyway.

    Go for it're not gonna find a much better deal than that one.;)
  9. Hey dude, check out this deal. I am soooooo tempted to pull the trigger on this, I bet he would even take $500 for it. You want a pair of 12's, lol.
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