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Conversation Between nooshinjohn and markmarc

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  1. Hi John:
    A reader linked me to your brave foray at Audioholics. I give you some serious chops for going into the lions den of DBT rules all. Like you I do recognize that to a point DBT's offer up value, but in no way are such tests the only way to judge equipment. The amount of testing flaws in that website's latest DBT on speakers last fall was amazing.

    Of course, the idea that all quality amps sound the same is beyond comprehension to those of us who know how to listen for such differences. Then their is the 800 pound gorilla with DBT's and that is the stress that the listener puts themselves in, by straining rather than relaxing in order to hear the differences.

    One thing I want to ask is that if you know whether it is true or not that Bob Carver admitted after the Stereophile challenge that the tweaks he made could only last a short time before the amp would die.

    Anyway, many khudos for putting yourself out there.

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