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Conversation Between pablo_rodz and lildodoo

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  1. Hello, sorry to bother you. I was looking through the forum and saw that your setup is pretty close to mine. I have been messing around with mine for a bit and still can't get it to sound right. I have ran the MCACC but find that I can't hear dialog real well with out turning up the volume, then turning it back down during action scenes. Also not to much mids coming out of the A7s. Just wondering if you have this problem. If not, could you tell me what your settings are on your A/V receiver. I have tried to manually set the EQ and stuff but am not to knowledgeable on how to use the test tones correctly or what frequencies pertain to what. I have the following:
    Pioneer VSX-92TXH
    Parasound A51
    Polk Audio Rti A7 (front) set to large
    Polk Audio Csi A6 (center) set to large
    Polk Audio Fxi A6 (rears) set to small
    Polk Audio PSW 1000 (sub) crossover @80Hz

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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